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Weather & Seasons

Planning on travelling to New Zealand - Contact Release Wanaka for Weather and Holiday Information. Each NZ Season & Climate brings its own distinct pleasures from long summer days to winter playground. Autumn colours have to be seen to be believed.



Climbers and trampers look down on endless waters dotted with pleasure boats, each in their own oases of splendid isolation. The scent of barbecue wisps around the hot dry air and sun-lovers relax and dream. From the beach you can take in lakes and rivers to be dived into, boated on or fished, with spectacular mountains all-around. Waking up to a Lake Wanaka summer morning means feeling fully alive and ready for the day.



Gentle shadows and a whispering breeze subtly alter the morning mood as crisp starts temper into warm days, as Lake Wanaka's leaves carpet the towns in russets and golds. Colours turn gently as crisp, clear mornings mellow into bright sunshine days. It's all about the calm as golden leaves prepare to fall and the lake stills to mirror perfection. Subtle and steady, the rhythm of autumn shifts to more tranquil pursuits.



Three dedicated ski areas pristine in white, thousands of hectares of terrain to conquer; vast heli-skiing options; countless off-mountain activity choices from jet-boating and flightseeing, to simply strolling along the lakeshore, and a small town filled with big-city choice... fitting it all in gives first-time visitors a blurred look to go with a growing commitment to come back for their next winter as the memories unwind on high rotation.



There's a buzz in the air as the temperature rises and new growth begins a gradual burst into life. The heat comes on and the mountains glow as snow bows out and retreats gracefully from the peaks. The first signs of rejuvenation come from the gardens and the trees, and they're soon followed by the sight of skis being garaged in favour of boots, and bikes of all styles heading for a massive network of riding choices.

What our customers say

  • "Thankfully the 11 guests of this gorgeous place are all well although I am feeling a little bruised and sore from falling over too often yesterday at Snow Farm. Sadly, the packing up has started and we farewell these gorgeous mountain views and serenity! I know you couldn't have organized the weather but we've been incredibly lucky this week able to go out and get a good sense of this area...I think one by one we'll all be back in this land of The Lord of the Rings! Thank you for your chocolates and you never know a summer holiday here might just callout to us. This space was just perfect for our large number for our get together and the 60th birthday dinner at Bistro Gentil was more than wonderful - ambience, food and wine (most of it brought by us) and the service was excellent too. Fond memories we all have as one by one we take off on our various flights. We are looking forward to home after 2 months wanderings. All the best in your endeavors and pass on our appreciation to the friendly Sue too won't you?"

    Ann & Kelly family, USA

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