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Cardrona Alpine Resort To Expand

Posted by Release Wanaka on July 23, 2018

Cardrona Alpine Resort to Expand

Big news emerged from the New Zealand ski industry last week - Cardrona Alpine Resort are joining forces with Soho Basin to eventually offer you the largest ski resort in New Zealand. 

world-class ski areasPhoto by Tim Pierce

What does this mean?

For you and me this means easy access to some pretty amazing terrain with stunning views of the Southern Alps and the Wakitipu Basin. It will open up approximately 600ha, more than doubling the size of Cardrona Alpine Resort currently.

When is this happening?

A 5 year plan was put into place 3 years ago to prepare for this expansion, therefore development will begin in a couple of years. Cardrona Alpine Resort want to have every aspect covered before access is given to the extra terrain. This means more car-parking, more eateries, more snow-making, more utilities…..

It is exciting news for all concerned and it will be a real asset to Wanaka locals and visitors. 

At present you can still experience the wonder of the Soho Basin and test out the terrain for the future. Release Wanaka can organise an amazing day trip, where you will be treated to some amazing skiing, unbelievable views and culinary delights. Contact Us for more information.