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A day in the life of a Release Wanaka Guest

Posted by Release Wanaka on March 24, 2017

So as we say goodbye to summer and the temperatures slowly drop our thoughts turn to winter. Snow, skiing, hot tubs, mulled wine, open much to look forward to!

Wanaka is the ultimate playground in winter for all you winter sports addicts. It can also be a relaxing retreat to unwind and enjoy the crisp, blue sky days surrounded by snowy peaks. Whatever your winter desires are, Release Wanaka can plan a trip to accommodate your needs.

Feeling active? Here's a typical winters day in the life of a Release Wanaka guest:

Wake up to an amazing sunrise over the lake and snow capped mountains. Have a hearty breakfast as you have a busy day ahead. If needed we can organise a private chef to cook you something up. Get on those winter woolies because you will be heading high up into the Southern Alps to experience powder like never before. A helicopter will drop you and your friends on untouched terrain, a day you will never forget. A photographer can head up with you to capture all those amazing memories and views. Lunch will be served amongst the mountains. Once you are all skied out and those legs need a rest you will be transported back to your luxurious accommodation to relax in the hot tub or warm up in the sauna (check out these properties: The Dacha, Apartment1.1, Kelliher Drive). Then, once warmed up, head into town for a slap up meal in one of many fantastic restaurants in Wanaka, but don't stay out too late as you may want to do it all again tomorrow!!

If you are feeling not so active.....maybe this is more for you:

Wake up to an amazing sunrise over the lake and snow capped mountains (sounds familiar!). Think about what you would like for breakfast while you do a few leisurely laps of the pool or maybe a hot tub to watch that amazing sunrise. Head into Wanaka to have breakfast, we can advise of the best places, just ask! Now it's time to decide how you would like to spend your day. A helicopter trip? A vineyard tour to sample many of the stunning wines from the central otago region? A cruise on Lake Wanaka? or, if you just want to chill, grab a good book, curl up and relax in front of the fire (check out these properties for ultimate relaxation: Stone Street, Sunrise Bay, Infinity Drive.) Can't be bothered getting dressed up to go out for dinner, don't worry, a private chef will come to you and serve you gourmet food in the comfort of your own luxury holiday home. Maybe now it is time to get back in that hot tub!!

Release Wanaka - Sunrise Bay

If you like the sound of being a Release Wanaka Guest, we would love to welcome you to Wanaka. There are so many ways to spend your days in this slice of paradise. Contact us to find out more  [email protected].

Release Wanaka's Top 5 Wanaka Restaurants

Posted by Release Wanaka on March 17, 2017

For all you foodie's out there, there is an abundance of good eateries in and around Wanaka. The team at Release Wanaka have put together a list of their top 5. 

1/ Bistro Gentil - With an amazing location looking over Wanaka Golf Course to the lake, Bistro Gentil has a deserved reputation for outstanding food and impressive service.

"Our menus combine the best of New Zealand produce cooked French style - à la française, with a modern twist. Join us to sample house made spreads and wines rarely offered by the glass. In addition to our carefully selected wine list, we offer twenty four wines by the glass, half glass and tasters through our Enomatic self-dispensing wine machines."

2/ Francesca's Italian Kitchen - As you enter Francesca's, a casual, laid back vibe resonates. A great place to catch up with friends with some very tasty food. Don't forget to order the polenta fries!

"At Francesca’s Italian Kitchen we are passionate about authentic Italian cuisine and hospitality. We only use the freshest produce and the finest quality local and imported ingredients."

3/ Kika - Kika is all about sharing and all about getting to taste everything. Can't decide? Try the "Just Feed Me" menu and let the chef decide for you!

"Tapas-style piccolo dishes, that are fun and seasonal; grande-sized sharing main courses, complimented by an array of contorni side dishes, topped off by home-made gelatos and sorbets. Go for the ‘Just Feed Me’ option and enjoy three courses hand-picked by the chef, which can be matched with local beers or wines."

4/ Relishes - You can't go wrong at relishes, every dish is equally as good as the next. Modern kiwi cuisine, across the road from Lake Wanaka. A local favourite!

"With an abundance of local produce, meats, eggs, and wine grown in the Otago region on our doorstep, there is no need to go further afield for ingredients that will create flavours to delight the palate. Dishes highlight seasonal produce, locally found herbs like horopito, free range eggs, and meats that come from the region, some coming from just down the road."

5/ Federal Diner - Tucked down an alley way on the main street you will find fantastic coffee and a superb all day menu. With their wonderful deli next door offering an array of take away options, you can choose to hide away in the restaurant or take your delicious choice down to the lake front.

"We’re open 7.00a.m. everyday and from Wednesday to Sunday we’ll hang around for some shared plates, hearty meals and a cheeky drink or two. Be sure to make a reservation for dinner; you don't want to miss out! We’re the place for good coffee, good food and a welcome hidey-hole in Wanaka; come and see where the locals are fueling up."

Wanaka's Beer Industry

Posted by Release Wanaka on February 20, 2017

Wanaka's beer industry is tastier than ever. With no fewer that 6 micro breweries in this small town, it is becoming a beer connoisseur's destination. Micro breweries are fast taking over the beer industry and why wouldn't they with flavour and quality at the top of their list. In 2017 these 6 businesses are set to brew 300,000L collectively. From "Jabberwocky" to "Mojo Pin" to "Lunatic Fringe", the choice is huge and the taste is even bigger.

Photo courtesy New Zealand Tourism

Here is a run down of Wanaka's 6 local breweries:

1/ Wanaka Beerworks - "Today Wanaka Beerworks is a micro brewery with a 700L copper brew system which produces approximately 100,000L a year. As passionate brewers we want to create as many specialty brews as possible, yet operating a small brewery dictates a limited amount of space so we've kept the original Wanaka Beerworks beers and added the Jabberwocky range of products with the occasional seasonal beer rearing it's head."

2/ B.Effects - "B.Effects philosophy is derived from the Edward Lorenz's Butterfly Effect, and it is built on highlighting small changes in the brewing process that have large effects on the final product. Series of craft beers with small changes in one variable like the hops, yeast, grain and non- traditional adjunct's display how small changes have a great effect on the beer."

3/ Ground Up - "We make beer for the bold, the audacious and the gutsy. We're brewing on the edge, from the ground up, and we love it. Wanaka, N.Z."

4/ Maverick - "Demand craft beer where ever you go, and don't be afraid to be a pest about it. Learn where good beer comes from. Consider who you are giving your money to. Turn your friends on to the pleasures of craft matters."

5/ Sidewinder - "Sidewinder is a beer crafted for enjoying once the work is done. Apres work, slide, ski, ride, Sidewinder tastes better once earned. Founded by mates, Dave and Luc in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, their micro brewery in Wanaka is their passion, with each brew heaved full of malt, hops, clear water and happiness."

6/ Rhyme & Reason (Coming Soon)

Wanaka is the ultimate place for a beer tasting adventure. Let Release Wanaka organise your luxury holiday accommodation for you, your family and friends and sit back with a 'Brewski' and watch the ever changing scenery. Our Wanaka Fixer can fill your fridge before you arrive with your choice of local beers or you can head into town to the many establishments who serve these unique craft beers. For more information contact [email protected]

Foodie Friday - How to do 'luxury' in Lake Wanaka

Posted by Release Wanaka on September 08, 2015

We’ve all dreamed of holidays like the rich and famous. Idyllic days of heli skiing in winter, boating in summer, private wine tours, chartered flights into the glorious wilderness of Mt Aspiring National Park or Fiordland or Milford Sound – yes, I’m quite sure we can all see ourselves there wearing our Prada sunglasses and Karen Walker Halifax coat. But what if I told you it’s actually possible? What if you could have it in the most beautiful place in the world?

Well it is totally doable in the Lake Wanaka region!

Release Wanaka have a stunning portfolio of properties available and if you pull a few friends together – you too can live it up lush from $230.00 per night!

One such gorgeous property is The Managers House located on the Hawkesbury Wine Estate. The design of the house is exquisite – every detail attended to with architectural attentiveness – from the in ground lap pool to the cosy TV loft to the hidden pantry and cupboard space of deceptive volume. Utterly impeccable, but it’s the special touches, the value-add inclusions which makes The Managers House stand out.

The house is situated on a vineyard that produces what might be the most divine Pinot Noir I have tasted yet. I am partial to a good Pinot, heavy with berry fruits with a velvety finish, and Akitu answers every wine prerequisite on my list. Opening the bottle was like unleashing the renaissance.

And like all the Release properties, The Managers House comes with your own private chef if required. Oh, yes, absolutely required!

Leungo Lippe comes with a broad and impressive epicurean vintage. From Marco Pierre White in London to Botswana Butchery in Wanaka, Leungo is the man behind BoaBoa Food Company private catering and his three course Saturday night meal was so scrumptious, we may as well have been in a 5 star restaurant – minus the other guests!  Cauliflower soup with prawns, beef fillet with Asian greens and a crème brulee topped with fresh berries silenced the table. No one was talking – everyone was eating!

Perfect for families or a couple of couples, The Managers House is a stunning example of luscious living – and the views are absolutely amazing!

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Wanaka's Food Revolution

Posted by Release Wanaka on August 27, 2013

There's a culinary revolution happening in Wanaka. Whether it's French, Italian, fusion, tapas, fast or slow food you're after, this movement seems to have found its stride. We did our due diligence and recently visited a few of the new eateries on the block, again.

BoaBoa Food Company

BoaBoa is the latest creation of Leungo Lippe, the guy we have to thank for award winning eatery, Botswana Butchery. Leungo's burger combinations, whether meat, veggies or fish are so original and delicious that I now find myself eating there at least once a week. If burgers aren't your thing, fear not, wraps, fish and chips, fried chicken, smoothies, fresh juices and seasonal salads are among the other goodies you'll find on the menu.

BoaBoa is open 7 days a week from 10am-10pm. 137 Ardmore Street / 03 443 1234

Francesca's Italian Kitchen

The younger, albeit bigger, sister to the iconic Francesca’s mobile wood fired pizza trailer is Francesca's Italian Kitchen. FIK is one of the newest eateries to be gracing our bellies and our wallets, with no main priced over $25. Between the handmade gnocchi, truffle infused potato skins, fine Italian wines and Peroni on tap, you're sure to leave with a full belly and a satisfied smile.

Francesca’s is open 7 days a week from 12pm-3pm for lunch and 5pm-late for dinner. Bookings are essential for dinner. 93 Ardmore Street / 03 443 5599

Urban Grind

If you happen to find yourself at Urban Grind on a Monday morning, you'll likely run in to a few of the Release Wanaka folks. It's our treat to ourselves at the start of the week. We nestle into a sunny spot in the courtyard or, on cold days, by the roaring fire and drink coffee until we're buzzing. To refuel, we order either the Spanish or Turkish Baked Eggs and then we're set up for a great rest of the week. UG is also well known in town for their delectable hot chocolate.

Urban Grind is open 7 days a week, 8.30am-midnight. 47 Helwick Street / 03 443 5152

Bistro Gentil

The views of Lake Wanaka from Bistro Gentil are nearly as good as the food, and the view is breathtaking. I thought it impossible to top the starter of Quiche du Bistro, which features caramelized onion and leek, a wild watercress emulsion and goat's cheese cream. Then I had my main of Agneau Deux Façons, a slow cooked Cardrona lamb rump and braised lamb shoulder – tout à fait délicieux! (absolutely delicious!) With your appetite satiated, take a glass of Gallic wine to the lawn and give Pétanque (French bowls) a try.

Bistro Gentil is open Wednesday to Sunday from 11am-late. 76a Golf Course Road / 03 443 2299